Stream Restoration

Stream Restoration

Stream restoration is a complex endeavor, addressing erosion, sedimentation, and the pollutants threatening aquatic life. Henry S. Branscome LLC professionals, certified in Class 3 Stream Restoration procedures, offer years of experience in this domain. 

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Our work, ranging from vegetation stabilization and riparian buffer reestablishment to the installation of root wads, log sills, rock veins, and J hooks, aims at improving stream stability, water quality, and wildlife habitat. By establishing and vegetating stream beds and Flood-Plains and installing coir matting and live stakes, we enhance the natural environment, demonstrating our commitment to ecological health and community well-being.

  • Vegetation, Stabilization and Riparian Buffer Reestablishment (including salvaging onsite vegetation, live staking and plant reestablishment)
  • Installation of Root Wads, Log Sills, Rock Veins and J Hooks
  • Establishing and Vegetating Stream Beds and Flood-Plains
  • Installation of Coir Matting and Live Stakes

Latest Projects

  • Thalia Stream Restoration
  • W&M Campus Stormwater Infrastructure
  • Hampton Avenue Stream Restoration

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