At Henry S. Branscome LLC, our Utilities service is built on a deep understanding and extensive experience in managing a wide array of utility projects. From critical waterline installations ranging from ¾” to 48” pipes to comprehensive storm drain installations from 6” to 108” pipes, our team is equipped to handle projects of significant size and scope. This capability extends to gravity sewer installations up to 30’ deep and force main installations from 2” to 54” pipes, alongside specialized services like fire suppression systems and managing deep, wet excavations. 

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Working with private companies, state agencies, and municipalities, we deliver solutions that span remote shoreline locations to congested urban environments, resolving complex problems with efficiency and expertise. Our commitment to sustainability and innovation ensures the utility infrastructure we develop is not only reliable but also anticipates the needs of tomorrow.

  • Waterline Installation: from ¾” to 48” pipe
  • Storm Drain Installation: from 6” to 108” pipe
  • Gravity Sewer Installation: lay sewer up to 30’ deep
  • Force Main Installation: from 2” to 54” pipe
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Deep, Wet Excavations

Latest Projects

  • Pump Station 49
  • Doswell Water Treatment Plant
  • White Oaks Area Water Main Replacement
  • Campbell Road Improvements
  • York County Sherriff Station
  • Kelton Sttion
  • Centerville Road Intersection Improvements
  • W&M Phi Beta Kappa Hall
  • Building M32 Renovations, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth
  • W&M – Dillard Hall
  • Northampton Area Drainage Improvements
  • W&M Wellness Center, Phase 2
  • Carver Gardens
  • Huxley Place Phase 1 Drainage Repair
  • Lee Hall Water Treatment Plant

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